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Patients' Reviews

The whole experience with your office...was top notch.

Dear Dr. Hall,

I want to express my appreciation to you (and also your staff) for the very thorough and informative hearing evaluation you provided for me this morning.  The whole experience with your office, from when I made the initial call to when I left the office today, was top notch.

Thank you for your professionalism and care.  Were I to have needed treatment I would feel perfectly comfortable.

Thanks again to you and please express my thanks to your staff and Dr. Gnewikow.

K.W. -Lynchburg

I could say a million thank-you but it still would not be enough.

TO: Staff at Audiology Hearing Aid Associates

I want to thank you all so very much for helping me be able to get new hearing aids.  For making sure everything was ok.  I could say a million thank-you but it still would not be enough.  Thank you from bottom of my heart.  May God truly bless each and everyone of you!!  Wishing you all the best in new year.  Stay safe with much love.

NK - Danville

Sweet patient in our Lynchburg, VA office, Zenora Daubenspeck, brought goodies. .She told us the cookies were her way of thanking us for putting ourselves in harms way to be able to provide for our patients. We appreciate all our patients for allowing us to continue to serve both the Lynchburg and Danville communities. Stay well and stay safe.

"Thank you so much for taking your time to attend to two "old folks" who arrived for an appointment on the wrong day!"

Dear Dr. Hall,

Thank you so much for taking your time to attend to two "old folks" who arrived for an appointment on the wrong day!  We breezed right in- making sure we were on time (since each of us had written the appointment on our own calendars previously)!  Both of us managed to miss that correct appointment date!  We also appreciated your time explaining and answering all of our questions.  It was our pleasure to have worked with you.  Sincerely,

Sharon Alm

"...thank you all for being so kind and understanding."

Just wanted to thank you all for being so kind and understanding.  Please can you tell the doctor that was with me.  Thank you all and have a safe 4th.

C.Kerns, Danville

"I would highly recommend them to others."

In my years of going to the doctors here, I have found the staff and doctors incredibly welcome, on time, and helpful.  I would highly recommend them to others.

Rebecca Donner, South Boston, VA

Thank you for continuing to see your clients during the coronavirus restrictions.

Dear Dr. Gnewikow,  

Thank you for continuing to see your clients during the coronavirus restrictions.  You and your staff have certainly come through for all of us, but then, ya'll always do.  Please take care, and may you all stay safe.  All my best,

S.H. - Axton, VA

...Audiology Hearing Aid Associates has blown us away by their customer service!

Once Again, Audiology Hearing Aid Associates has blown us away by their customer service!  The audiologists are unbelievably kind, patient and professional.  You truly support and service your products and go above and beyond in making sure the customer understands and is comfortable with all aspects of care.  I cannot recommend this practice enough!  We have been to other groups and there is NO comparison!   Thanks to Audiology Hearing Aid Associates

Kay Watson (daughter) and Grace Watson (patient)

...made a believer out of me."

"I feel I am a somewhat difficult customer.  Dr. Hall did an excellent job.  Answering all of my questions and quite honestly made a believer out of me."

Ed Porbansky, Spout Spring, VA

...he made me feel at ease and accepting of my situation."

I recently visited Dr. Gnewikow for my first hearing test due to some problems.  I was so pleased and impressed by the amount of time spent with me and the thorough explanation of each of the tests and the results at the end.  Even though the results were not what I wanted to hear, he made me feel at ease and accepting of my situation.  You very seldom receive that kind of attention and service from many physicians these days.

P.S. - South Boston, VA

"The occasional drive is worth it -- believe me."

I've been a hearing aid device user for over 10 years. Using Audiology Hearing Aid Associates is almost a 100 mile round trip for me. So, why do I use them instead of a closer alternative:

  • Options - AHAA offers a very wide array of hearing device choices. They don't push or sell just one brand, which would make me skeptical. I think this gives me the best chance for them to match the right device to my particular hearing loss. Not all hearing losses are the same.
  • Professionals - Dr. Gnewikow only seems to hire PhD's and Au.D.'s in Audiology. This brings a level of professional knowledge that I've never seen elsewhere. Their expertise is unmatched in the area in my opinion. This is not like going to an eye doctor where your vision can be restored to 20/20. This is more complicated.
  • Service - The office staff is respectful of my time. They are on time for appointments. I don't sit in the waiting area reading all the old magazines. In fact, I don't even know if there are old magazines.
  • Technology - I'm fascinated by technology and I've not seen any better use of technology in any audiology office I've used during our years of corporate moves.
  • Competitive Pricing - Top quality hearing aids are competitively priced at AHAA. I find the no interest financing to be just short of amazing in this day and age. "No interest" usually means higher prices; but, that is not the case.
  • Follow-up - I've never felt like the intent was just to sell me hearing aids. The intent is to restore as much of my hearing as possible. The staff schedules visits that cost me no additional money to service my hearing devices and make adjustments and even technology updates to help me maximize the benefits of the hearing devices.

To top it all off, they are simply friendly to do business with. Even though the drive is long, we (my wife and I) have found no one in the office that is not a pleasure to do business with. I can't say that about many businesses and, trust me, I'm not an easy guy to impress. The occasional drive is worth it -- believe me.

-George Curnow - Smith Mountain, VA

"It was the best money I've ever spent! 

It was the best money I've ever spent!  Everyone at the Audiology Center was very supportive.  Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Hope Sneddon

"I'm very excited and amazed about the difference these new hearing aids are going to make in my life!!!   Had to brag about these people!! They are AWESOME!!"

Just want to recommend "Audiology Hearing Aid Associates!!!!" They have one in Danville (where I go) and one in Lynchburg.  I was at the Danville office for a hearing test for new hearing aids.  I was so nervous and a little scared cause it's been 22 yrs since my last test and hearing aids.  Everybody was really nice.  They spoke up and plain so I was sure to know what they were saying. The only male in the office and main Dr. is Dr. G (hard last name to spell lol) I love him!! He put me right at ease, the tests were over quickly, and he explained in very deep detail EVERYTHING!!!  Helped me to choose an awesome set of hearing aids that came with a Bluetooth device that let's me talk on my phone hands free.  With this I should be able to finally upgrade to a smart phone.  Voices go directly into the hearing aid at the touch of a button and you talk back and forth thru this device straight through your hearing aid and device.  The aid itself will be adjusted specifically for what is right for me.  Sound synchronized between both aids.  Dr. said NO feedback with these.  That's amazing to me.  Has tiny button to push if you need less background noise, also has (up/down) small toggle type switch to turn it up or down a little if needed in certain situations.  Have come A LONG way since I got mine 22 yrs ago.  Also lots of cleanings for life of aid.  They also handle financing in office with NO interest.  If you have to have hearing aids or just the test - go see Dr. G or one of the other great Audiologist!! He's so awesome just like everybody else there(office staff included)!! I'm very excited and amazed about the difference these new hearing aids are going to make in my life.  Had to brag about these people.  They are AWESOME!!

K.Hazelwood, Danville, VA

"...fortunate to have such fine care.."

Dr. Monique Hall

Sending a special thank you to you and the entire staff for the warm and wonderful care I have always received from each of you at Audiology Associates.  I am truly thankful and appreciative and am fortunate to have such fine care.  Hearing is a blessing!

Janetta Whitlow, Palmyra, VA


"I love my hearing aids."

I love my hearing aids.  Any problem I have had the staff has been more than helpful in correcting.  The hearing aids are so wonderful.  They totally change your quality of life!  As a senior citizen I used to ask over and over "what?"  Now that is in the past!  I also wanted to tell you I go to a lot of doctors offices but have never been in one where the staff is so kind!  Thank you all!

J. Gowen

"...the receptionist was very polite.""

I really like their atmosphere.  They are very nice people.  And the receptionist was very polite.

L.Miller Sr., Danville, VA

"My husband can hear well again and we wanted to thank you and bless you."

Everyone at Audiology Associates were a tremendous help so we are sending this Thank you note to all of them.    

Excerpt from letter mailed to manufacturer that worked on hearing aids:  My husband John Adams is a patient of Kara Martin at Audiology Associates in Lynchburg, VA.  My husband is quite ill.  He mistakenly put his hearing aids into water.  He is 84 and I am 83.  This has been a rough year for both of us.  He is totally deaf without his hearing aids.  Audiology Associates sent them for a repair and we praise God for that.  We had them back in a week.  My husband can hear well again and we wanted to thank you and bless you.   May your business prosper.  Sincerely, John and Dolores

"Everybody is so nice and helpful-"

Everybody is so nice and helpful.  I saw Dr. Stone in a local store.  She helped me with my hearing aid in the store.  Thanks a lot! 

J. Bray - Danville, VA

.."she is excellent at fixing the problem."

Came in for adjustment - everyone so nice to me.  Dr. Martin helped me with the problem, and was outstanding, besides a great personality she is excellent at fixing the problem.  My hearing aids are fantastic.  Thanks for all you do for me.  You're the best.

J. Hodge - Forest, VA

"I cannot believe the difference they have made in my life-"

I have been totally satisfied with the care, courtesy and concern from Dr. Monique Hall who has been my Audiologist from the beginning.  She was very informative in all aspects.  In doing so, she was on a personal level and made me feel comfortable.  Dr. Gnewikow was very thorough with my hearing test- and was also very kind.  I'm not leaving out the ladies in the office - they were all pretty, courteous, and very helpful.  Now, getting to my hearing aids - I cannot believe the difference they have made in my life - not quite like my original hearing - but close.  Thanks to all of you!

Thelma Booker, Lynchburg

"This is a fantastic Association -"

This is a fantastic Association - We've never experienced such kindness & compassion in ALL the people we've dealt with.  Without these hearing aids my husband is practically deaf.  If adjustments are needed, you people know just what to do.  The office people do everything to help where needed.  We praise our Lord & Savior that we found ALL of you.  May He bless each of you abundantly.

D & J Adams, Danville & Lynchburg patients


"Good people since 1990's"

-W.Midkiff - Bedford, VA

"Dr. Gnewikow provided me a thorough explanation of my hearing ability and how to protect my hearing going forward."

Andrea P. - Lynchburg, VA

This is the nicest office and the office staff and doctors are the BEST!  Always a pleasant experience.

Faye Eubank - Lynchburg patient

I appreciate you taking the time to help with all aspects of my hearing and communication needs...

I appreciate you taking the time to help with all aspects of my hearing and communication needs and certifying me for a free CaptionCall phone.  Thank you for going above and beyond.  I'm excited to be able to have conversations over the phone again.

-Danville and Lynchburg patients

"I am very please with your front desk help"

L.M. - Lynchburg

"Feel fortunate to use her services"

Kara Martin does a wonderful job with maintenance & adjustments.  Feel fortunate to use her services.

Ed Stow

"Initial visit - stress free - no pressure sales"...

Initial visit - stress free - no pressure sales; Office staff was wonderful - very friendly; facility clean, friendly, relaxing - even bathroom decor - looking forward to trial period

F. Eubank - Bedford, VA

"Each and every audiologist are fantastic with my special needs."...

I have skin cancer in my ears.  One has been cut on three times, the other is about to be cut on; each and every audiologist are fantastic with my special needs.  Each time I see them they are so nice and friendly.  I have seen them many times over the last 6-7 years.  I recommend them to anyone seeking the best service available.

Cecil Haley

Thank you for taking such good care of me.. 

Thank you for taking such good care of me all through the year.  Visits are a joy, ya'll make everything so easy.

Susan Hardy - Danville patient


Great employees.   Friendly - make you feel comfortable.     

W.Toler, patient

"...professional, caring practice..."

I want to give my thanks to this professional, caring practice.  Dr. Martin in a wonderful, caring, and knowledgeable doctor.  I give your name to others seeking this service because of the outstanding service and quality care.

-Marlene Logwood - Daughter of Lynchburg Patient

"...you have a special touch and level of consideration that far exceeds others..."

Dear Dr. Martin,

I wish to thank you for your kindness, patience, and overall professionalism throughout my Mother's hearing aid experience with you.  You have treated her with the utmost gentleness and compassion and I sincerely appreciate your extra efforts. 

This experience is of course frightening and frustrating as not hearing well is aggravating for her as well as everyone around her.  The improved and more advanced hearing aid you fitted her with is taking some time for her to get adjusted to, but overall, our family feels it is a great success.  "Change" is so hard for her, as I suppose it is for all of us as we age, but you have helped her get through this with your helpful guidance and wise insight.

I am around many doctors and medical specialists as I accompany my Mother as well as Mother-in-Law to numerous appointments.  I sincerely wish to share that you have a special touch and level of consideration that far exceeds others I observe.  Please know that your extra efforts, clarity, and willingness to "keep it simple" are whole-heartedly appreciated.  You certainly have "found your calling" and I'm grateful our paths have crossed.

Thank you again,

Melody Watson Eggleston - daughter of patient


"...I'm sure you're very proud of her..."

It's so nice to have Monique (Dr. Hall) to provide such good care in taking care of my hearing aid needs.  I'm sure you're very proud of her.


Carroll Gene Lindsay - Lynchburg Patient


"...Thoroughly enjoying better hearing..."

Greatly enhanced by hearing!  Thoroughly enjoying better hearing.  Great staff.  Extremely helpful.  Thanks so Kara!  She's great.

-Kenneth Crank - Lynchburg Patient


"...I don't have the words to express my appreciation..."

You have opened a new world to me.  It is unbelievable.  I had accepted my disability and learned to live with it.  Now I hear and understand twice more - maybe three times.

I don't have the words to express my appreciation for this.  Thank you my dear.

N.M. - Danville Patient



"...You are wonderful..."

Thank you, Dr. Hall.  You are wonderful to work with.  I will tell anyone this is the only place to go for hearing problems.

Mildred Gusler - Lynchburg Patient


"We love coming here..."


We love coming here.  The staff is so so so nice and caring.  They helped with my grandson's hearing checks that came out fine and great.  Dr. Martin is his doctor, and she is wonderful and caring and very gentle with my 8-month-old grandson.  We love her.  His mom is Kierra M.

Vertna Payne - Grandmother of Lynchburg Patient


"Everyone at the office treated me with care, concern, professionalism, and compassion..."

So the time came, as it must for all mortals, that as I marched into the "Golden Years" it became necessary to have a hearing assessment.   

I was fortunate to be referred to this place by my primary care physician, who never steers me wrong. I hadn't been tested for hearing for forty years of so, and, to be sure, things have changed a great deal since the audiologists applied a tuning fork to your skull. 

I was having some hearing loss in both ears, but mostly on the left. Dr. Danny Gnewikow, who is apparently the owner, gave me an extensive examination and carefully explained each test and what it was expected to disclose. When the nature of the impairment was determined, the doctor explained various alternatives, including ding nothing and half a dozen various hearing aid alternatives.  

Honestly, I had expected a sales pitch akin to those used by vacation time-share guys, but this was entirely without pressure. He suggested I try a hearing aide for a month at no cost and then decide. He outlined the payment plan which they handle in-house, at no interest. Not bad.   

I haven't decided yet but the doctor told me to call for an appointment if I wanted to try a hearing aid- anytime.  

Dr. Gnewikow was very professional. Nearly all the audiologists there hold doctoral degrees in audiology a process that requires four years post-college. Dr. Gnewikow is a grad of the number one rated Vanderbilt University audiology program. I think I got the best available care here in Lynchburg. Everyone at the office treated me with care, concern, professionalism, and compassion, which is all one can ask, I suppose.

-Yelp Review


"...Thank all of you..."

Thank all of you for your patience with me, especially Dr. Stone.  Thanks again!


Ronald Cook - Danville Patient

"...treats people with care..."

Dr. Gnewikow -

I'm taking a few moments out of your busy day to tell how much my wife and I appreciate what Dr. Kara Martin has done for us.

She is an outstanding asset to Audiology, and a God-sent to Bonnie & me.  Her practice in Lynchburg has done so much for people with hearing deficits - people with inner-ear loss-of-balance problems.

It is obvious Dr. Martin is an intelligent woman - that she has a thorough command of the complex and highly technical knowledge that goes with the field of audiology.  Her quiet confidence, her ability to diagnose your problem, her ability to find a solution to your problem - you just can't imagine how comforting that is to people fortunate enough to have her as their doctor.

She treats people with care - like human beings, not just 'another patient.'  She can sense when a patient is unable to describe their problem(s) with a hearing aid - or put into words what they are looking for help with.  She even initiates tests and trials until she has remedied your problem.  She always makes you feel like she has all the time in the world to work with you - is never in a hurry.  She makes sure you don't feel guilty about coming back to her office for follow up help.  She's always there with that sincere smile.

I could write page after page - and not completely capture what a wonderful doctor and person Dr. Martin is.  Thank you for choosing her to be a part of your staff.  You, and countless other people, are very fortunate that she is a part of our lives.

-Reese Whitley - Lynchburg Patient


"...meticulous and professional attention..."

Thank you for your meticulous and professional attention to both my hearing and my aids a week ago.  I feel like a New Ear! (instead of man).  The aids have performed the best since I purchased them.  The “social” setting works very well ~ I can finally hear an individual in a crowded situation.  The normal setting startles me with the clarity and volume of normal speech.


M.B. - Lynchburg Patient


"...communication is a gift that keeps on giving."

On behalf of my mother, EBS, receiving her hearing aids.  It has truly made a difference in her and our lives.  It’s amazing what a difference it has made for her daily activities.  Mother is a violinist, and she is eager to play and perform with her love of music.  Our communication skills have improved dramatically.  Our biggest and only challenge is helping her understand – not to remove the hearing aids.  I strongly encourage everyone to take the time and effort to pursue a hearing test for yourself and parents.  The line of communicating is a gift that keeps on giving.  Finally, the staff of this office is amazing.  The customer service exemplifies superior service.

-KJ, Daughter of Danville Patient


"Office staff is always friendly and helpful."

Our experience with your clinic has always been positive and helpful.  My brother has severe hearing loss in both ears, but since the purchase of hearing aids and the guidance of your audiologists, he can hear better than he has with other hearing aids.  He never needs to adjust the sound because it was set to his needs at the time of purchase.  When he needs follow-up, the office staff is always friendly and helpful.  Heartfelt thanks to all.

-Sandra Irby for David Sheppard


"Make us feel welcome."

You are all very sweet and make us feel welcome.  God loves you all.

-Patient - Danville, VA


In November, a group of nursing students from Averett University spent the morning at our Danville office learning about sensory deprivation and its effect on seniors.  Topics discussed included heart health, mental health, and emotional health.  The students were given a tour of our diagnostic rooms and equipment.  Below are a few accolades from the students and their professors:

“Thank you for your time.  You are a great teacher!” – Nancy Dameron, RN, MSN, Clinical Assistant Professor

“Thank you so much for giving the students a wonderful experience.  I appreciate your willingness to allow them to come.  They truly enjoyed it!” – Averett University Staff Member

“Thank you very much.” – Averett University School of Nursing Student

“Thank you for everything!” – Averett University School of Nursing Student


"Very customer oriented!"

The staff at Audiology-Hearing Aid Associates are wonderful. They are very supportive, quick to answer questions, and very concerned with the needs of their hearing-impaired clients. Appreciate the free hearing clinic, too! The payment plan they offered me was very reasonable, and I am very happy with their service. I also appreciate the free "checkups" they have provided after my hearing aid purchase. Very customer oriented!

Patient - Lynchburg, VA


"You are the best doctors that anyone could ask for."

We always enjoyed our visit to your doctor.  You are the best doctors that anyone could ask for.  Shikendra really enjoys coming to your office.  Her hearing aids are wonderful.  Thank you so much for your help.

Cassandra and Shikendra Irvin 

"......I didn't have to ask the tech to repeat herself once."

  Dr. Bradsher,

. . .  Thank you for the time you spent with us to explain and fit the hearing aids.  I am very happy with mine, as I am able to hear people's voices much better.  I had an early lab test this morning, and I didn't have to ask the tech to repeat herself once.

    I am the "support group": for my husband who is new at having an aid.  He has been startled by the microwave beeper, putting silverware away, etc., but I explained these was normal, and he would get used to it.  Time will tell. 

    An audiologist friend of ours, ( ... - she works for the Reidsville School System) recommended you folks, and we can now see why.


Patricia J. Crist,  North Carolina Patient 

 "...remarkable amount of time listening to your concerns..."

My experience at Audiology Hearing Aid Associates has been outstanding. Doctors Gnewikow and Bradsher are extremely professional. They spend a remarkable amount of time listening to your concerns about your hearing problems and talking with you once you have a hearing aid to be sure it is working well for you. My newest directional reception hearing aid is a remarkable device that allows you to direct your listening to different areas around you. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has hearing problems.

A Danville Physician

"...very grateful to the quick and expert response to my needs..."

Words alone cannot express my gratitude to all the staff at Audiology Hearing Aid Associates in Lynchburg, VA.  I suddenly lost all my hearing in my only good ear on December 25, 2012.  The next day I went to Audiology Hearing Aid Associates, and they immediately did a hearing test (I failed it and could hear nothing).  They sent me immediately to an ENT doctor close by.  I was on a medicine she prescribed for a short time - it did not help.  Audiology Hearing Aid Associates immediately talked to me about a cochlear implant.  I agreed and an appointment was made for me before I left the office that day to go to UVA to be evaluated.  At the end of three months and 23 days, I was hearing again with my cochlear implant and am very grateful to the quick and expert response to my needs by Audiology Hearing Aid Associates.

Gertrude Wright

 ". . .  has been so positive and extremely patient with my mother's needs."

 I want to let you know what an outstanding job Nicole (Hall, Audiologist) has done with my mother.  I know without a doubt that we selected the right place to come!  Nicole (Hall) has been so positive  and extremely patient with my mother's needs.  She has gone above and beyond in every aspect of service.  Without her excellent guidance, I think my mother would have given up weeks ago.  Thank you, Nicole, for everything!  

T. G. (Danville Patient's Daughter)

"No one could . . . have more knowledge about my hearing problem."

Everyone goes beyond to be nice and friendly, and each does everything possible to make the hearing aids the best.  I recommend you to everyone that needs help with hearing.  No one could be nicer and have more knowledge about my hearing problems.

Cecil J. Haley

". . . before I had hearing aids, I couldn't hear a thing."

Well before I had hearing aids I couldn't hear a thing.  So my mom took me to the audiologist, and they fixed me up, and I can hear so much better now.  And if I have questions or problems, they will fix or answer them.  The Doctors are really nice.  I highly recommend the audiologists.  They really make a difference in this world.

Taylor Lyn Hodges - 10 year old

"thank you for your patience and kindness..."

I've been meaning to write you a note, I'm just getting a little slower these days. I want to thank you for your patience and kindness in working with my daddy, Mr. Whitlock. He is doing so great with the new hearing aids and I credit a lot of that to you. I believe God has blessed you with a special gift to work with older people - not everyone has the patience and tenderness to work with them like they deserve and require. We are grateful for your knowledge and experience. I trust that God will continue to use you to bless others and I pray He will bless you and your family always.

(Numbers 6:24-26)

Love in Christ Jesus, Anita Crowder - Forest, VA

" You is the best ear doctor I ever had! "

 Picture from a young patient

Picture from a young patient

Zakira - Danville Patient

"...changed my life."

Thank you! I love my hearing aids. They have changed my life. I hate when I have to take them out.

Robert B. Scearce - Danville Patient

"...I receive help in so many ways."

I retired from Dan River in April 1988. I got my hearing aids shortly after that. Dr. Gnewikow and his staff have always helped me, and I receive help in so many ways. We are blessed to have them in our city.

Lorraine Collie - Danville Patient

"What a blessing!"

Hi Kara (Martin),

A few weeks ago I saw you and you made an adjustment to my hearing aid, keeping in mind that I would have a visit to a prison. The visit was especially important. My friend (the inmate's mom) had just died. I did not have any difficulty hearing him. What a blessing! Thanks to you.

R. Jane Miller - Amherst, VA

"...superb technical skills..."

Dear Dr. Gnewikow,

I'm writing today to say you are an extraordinary judge of people with superb technical skills, sincerity in spades, and people handling skills-or, you are one of the luckiest employers to every come down the pike.

I had the privilege of being cared for by Dr. Wolsiefer for the past two months. It was a pleasure working with her. She is intelligent, but understates it. She is highly competent, but doesn't make an issue of it. She shows personal interest in you, without crossing the line between patient and doctor. She 'levels' with you on your condition-what can and can't be done through amplification-but doesn't offend while doing it. She isn't 'locked in' on a preconceived single remedy, and isn't hesitant to innovate when such is in order.

In short, you're lucky to have her in your office. There are a lot of places between here and Indiana where she could have 'hung her diplomas'.

Also, your administrative office staff is - to a person- wonderful to deal with. If anyone comes in that office and doesn't like your Admin Staff- do them a favor and refer them to a Psychiatrist. They need help-big time.

Thank you for having Dr. Wolsiefer as part of your Audiology team. When all you know about hearing aids is that you need one-she will be your key to a better life, rather than one just filled with more unintelligible noise.


Reese J. Whitley - Bedford VA

"...really made a difference in my daily functional capability."

Dear Danny (Gnewikow),

My hearing aids are great. I want you to know how much I appreciate the excellent care you and Dr. Bradsher have given me. Both hearing aids work great, and they have really made a difference in my daily functional capability.

Thank you for your help and friendship.

Best wishes,

MM - Danville VA Patient

"...thank you for all of your help, guidance, and support..."

Dear Kelly (Camarda),

I should have written this much sooner, but better late than never! We wanted to thank you for all of your help, guidance, and support as we went through Tucker's testing and tubes. You always made us feel that you cared about him while giving us absolute confidence in your professional abilities. You were a blessing to our family – thank you again for everything!

Warm regards, Mark, Lindsay and Tucker Webb – Charlotte Court House, VA

"...nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007."

Dr. Danny (Gnewikow),

You are most fortunate to have Amber (Wolsiefer) as an associate.

I have been around the world 5 times and was a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. And I have seldom known of a more attractive and efficient young lady as Amber.

It has been a pleasure and most helpful relationship, and I congratulate you for such a superb associate.

Sincerely, Horace E. Henderson - Lynchburg, VA 

"...sincere and competent care in improving "our" quality of hearing."

Kelly (Camarda) and Staff,

We wish each one a wonderful Christmas season. Thank you for your sincere and competent care in improving "our" quality of hearing. God bless you all as you serve those in need!

Sincerely, Tommy & Ann Spain - Pamplin, VA


"...Thoroughly enjoying better hearing..."

Greatly enhanced by hearing!  Thoroughly enjoying better hearing.  Great staff.  Extremely helpful.  Thanks so Kara!  She's great.

-Kenneth Crank - Lynchburg Patient

"...Thoroughly enjoying better hearing..."

Greatly enhanced by hearing!  Thoroughly enjoying better hearing.  Great staff.  Extremely helpful.  Thanks so Kara!  She's great.

-Kenneth Crank - Lynchburg Patient

"...professional, caring practice..."

I want to give my thanks to this professional, caring practice.  Dr. Martin in a wonderful, caring, and knowledgeable doctor.  I give your name to others seeking this service because of the outstanding service and quality care.

-Marlene Logwood - Daughter of Lynchburg Patient