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Relationship between Dementia and Hearing Loss

Research at John Hopkins Medical concluded: the risk of dementia, specifically Alzheimer’s, was increased in individuals having as little as a 25% hearing loss. This pattern of increased dementia in patients with hearing loss is a very significant finding.

Similarly, a recent study published in the Archives of Neurology found that for “every 10 decibels of hearing loss, the risk of developing Alzheimer’s increased by 20 percent.” Additionally, older adults with mild to moderate hearing loss experience increased fatigue while attempting to communicate effectively. As a result, their cognitive function is poorer than those individuals of the same age with normal hearing sensitivity (Brandeis University).

As research continues to investigate the relationship between hearing loss and dementia, dealing with a hearing loss earlier rather than later appears to have merit. If you suspect that you or a loved one is having difficulty communicating, it is recommended that you visit an audiologist for a comprehensive hearing evaluation.

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